Mizzon Winery is based in a rural farmhouse. Built in 1917, it has been renovated over the years, making it the ideal place to process our grapes.
The Winemaking Area is placed on the ground floor. Traditional methods are there mixed with technology by using different types of tanks and equipment for wine processing.
The Drying Area, located on the first floor, is the focal point for Amarone and Recioto della Valpolicella’s production. In accordance with tradition, our grapes dry on ancient wooden and cane racks, called “Arele”. This traditional method, combined with the use of ventilators, facilitates the drying process and keeps the grapes healthy during the 4 months rest period. The drying stage needs to be as natural as possible. Therefore, large windows are always left open, weather permitting, to let our grapes’ biochemical changes continue. As a result, our wines develop a rich variety of flavours and aromas.
The basement of the building houses the Aging Area, the barrel cellar where wine ages in French oak barrels and barriques for months, or even years. The wine aging is constantly supervised by Nicola, aiming at its best refinement. Controlled temperature and humidity level avoid wood stress and allow wine to age quietly over the years.