Located in the heart of Valpolicella, Mizzon Winery processes grapes from small plots of land in different areas between Marano di Valpolicella’s vale and San Pietro in Cariano’s lowland.
Consequently, we deal with very different soil types: gravel on the lowest vineyards, sandy soil on the foothills, and clay on Valgatara’s hills.
Various natural techniques have been recently applied to reduce the use of plant protection products. PPPs are therefore used only to a limited extent, just to preserve the health and quality of the grapes. Moreover, the use of herbicides has been abolished in order to keep our vineyards rightly balanced with the territory that host them.
Constantly thinning out of leaves and cleaning bunches leads to a natural drying process and a better breathing among the grapes, decreasing mould risk. Besides, the effectiveness of our natural treatments, mostly based on copper and sulphur, is thus enhanced.
Our grapes root in the land. Therefore, we are committed to keeping our vineyards healthy and balanced with the territory, choosing natural and environment-friendly methods of production.