Winery tour


Winery tasting tour

Cantina Mizzon comes from a long farming tradition, from the cultivation of fruits and vegetables  to the acquisition of several vineyards.

Just outside the winery, guests will be greeted by a 360-degree view of the Valpolicella Classica with its beautiful green valleys rich in vineyards, cherry and olive trees. This is how we get into the spirit of our land, made of ancient traditions and skilled hand.

The tour continues in the machining area, the beating heart of our winery, where you will be able to see how we perfectly combine traditional techniques and the latest methods.

However, it is on the upper floor that we create wines of wonderful quality thanks to a drying process on traditional racks, on which the grapes can rest and slowly mutate.

The tour will then move onto our barriques room, where silence and tranquility bring to completation our nectar. Here, between the barrels you will have the opportunity to discover one of the most ancient production technique: the fermentation in the terracotta amphorae; used by the Romans who lived in our area, it presents us an Amarone of a wonderful structure, rich in floral aromas so far unknown in Valpolicella.

At the end of the tour there will be a winetasting accompanied by local products.


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Our winery was featured in

We have been a part of and listed our winery on their website for visitors to view and choose the tours they can be a part of Azienda Agricola Mizzon Di Perusi Nicola.

We recently collaborated with them again on a new project where our winery was featured on the, a Swedish wine magazine. is the one stop shop for all the information regarding wines, food pairings and in general, educate people of Sweden about wines from all around the world.

The article talks about the beautiful wine region of Veneto and we are extremely delighted to have our winery represent our beautiful region. Please check out the original article with the title, Besök de bästa vingårdarna i Veneto – Vi har hittat dom bästa!

The wine region of Veneto is a beautiful part of our country and has a very rich culture, beautiful tourist destinations and unique culinary diversity. If you are planning to visit Veneto soon, check everything you need to know about our beautiful region.

While you are here, also come and visit Azienda Agricola Mizzon Di Perusi Nicola. We have various tours and tastings available and you can be a part of a wonderful wine experience. For more information about the winery visit itinerary, please visit the experience page of our winery. A warm welcome to the Azienda Agricola Mizzon logo type logo